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Adult chat 60p mins

The brand names will have been familiar on some but unknown on others as they'd long since vanished, eg Leak & Rogers.We never really saw the better end of Hifi in our youth as all we saw were music centres or the family Philco-Ford separates system & all on these pages were unknowns tried with research or just a gamble.Overdesign In Late 1970s Hifi The Dishonest Self-Correcting Circuitry You Just Want Something 'Perfect'? Differential Era Amps Don't Sound As Good As Earlier Ones Some Amps Are Designed To Perfection Some Amps Are Better Than They Appea The Trouble With Hifi Mag Reviews Forum Opinions Of Amps Sound & Design Varies Amid The Same Model Hiss And Hum The Best Era For Transistor Amps Sound References Try The Brands Amp By Amp Valve-Tube Amplifiers & Receivers Suitable Power Ratings By Era Our References For Our Hifi Ideals Treble Is The Thing Some Music We Test With We Know What 'Perfect Hifi Sound' Is Loudspeakers Vs Headphones Woes Soundcard Woes Highest Ratings Small Ones Are Usually The Sweetest Older Style Connectors We Are Aware We Are Setting The Scene Not So Straightforward Now Keep It In Proportion ? Have It Dirty But Delivered Cleanly How Do You Know What 'The Real Sound' Is?Specifications Generally Are Of No Use Thd-Harmonic Distortion: In Your Face Amps On Speakers Or Headphones Why Your Modern Hifi Sounds Rubbish New Hifi Sales Hype Is Usually Just Fluff Talk Modern Hifi Should Be Better Than Old? More On The Music We Test With Quality Hi-Fi Sound The Easy Answer Today's 'Hi-Fi' Embarrassment The Best Amplifier In The World No Difference With Valves Or Transistors? The Way To Compare Bass Is All Some Want It Sounds Like A Valve Amplifer High End?Are Valve Amplifiers better than Transistor Amplifiers? Be aware this page has sections written since 2010, some later page sections are duplicated in theme as written earlier as it states we've noticed. Our References The Criteria For The Best Hifi Musicality & Subjectivity High Power - High Current Amplifiers Why Bother With Germanium Amplifiers?But for how hard it is to edit & risk losing interesting info, it all stays if it's been read through in 2017 to see it makes sense, if a bit on the random, but that's the appeal of Blog-type sites. Experts Say This Is One Of The Best Amps Ever What Do You Need An Amplifier For? The Best Amplifiers & Receivers By Era Amplifier Or Receiver? Our Pages Are Forever Updated How To Tell Which Hifi Is Better Than Another Hifi Buyers Can't Be Satisfied Safety: UK 3 Core Mains Earth The Best Hifi: It's Got Designs On You Q: Let Me Put It This Way - Is An Amplifier Being Musical The Result Of It Being Simple? We Are British UK Based, But Are We Keen On UK Hifi? Much More To An Amplifier Than What It Sounds Like All Original Credit Where It's Due No, We Do Not Play Classical Music Revising Earliest Ratings Tonal Balance Can Vary A Lot Tonal Balance: Messing With Your Mind There's Actually Not That Many Of Them We Rate Many Amps Together From Comparing Near Instant Comparisons No Amplifier Is 'Perfect' How Reliable Are They? Our Earlier Pages Told More What Is 'High End' Hifi?

There are Experts and Authorities, we've been called an Authority on Vintage Hifi based on all these pages we've written for the progress of this subject over the last few years.

Together with enough knowledge gleaned from past things to fix & service amps to their best & beyond & make a list of amps we've had & write about them.

The future of this site depends entirely on what we see to try that interests or is worth a blind gamble, it's now grown into selling upgraded Hifi, we don't get so much now as we get Upgrade jobs to do on cusromer's amps.

We Do Not Authorise any Copying, Republishing or Quoting, even as rewriting Our Research In Your Words, of using or linking to any of our Sections on ebay, any sales sites or anywhere else.

No-one else has formed these opinions, so don't steal them as yours. any Vintage Amplifier will not sound anything like it's best if not properly Serviced & Adjusted first.

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These early amplifier related finds we do revisit on this site, and further ones for the want or need to try more over years that followed.

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