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key; a place that may be securely closed) The closed room or hall specially set aside and prepared for the cardinals when electing a pope; also the assembly of the cardinals for the canonical execution of this purpose.

While it's true that some of the wives in polygamous marriages receive government support (only the first wife is legally married -- the others are single mothers), Fundamental Mormons also run farms and have construction companies.

They work on construction projects -- legitimate ones -- all over the West and Mexico, and, with a few exceptions, interact with those outside their sects.

If any cardinal neglected to enter, or left the enclosure for any reason other than sickness, the election was to go on without him.

But his health restored, he might re-enter the conclave and take up the business where he found it.

The stringency of these regulations at once aroused opposition; yet the first elections held in conclave proved that the principle was right.

The first conclave lasted only a day and the next but seven days.

With about 10,000 members, it comprises perhaps 25 percent of Fundamentalist Mormons.Fundamentalist Mormons are spread out around the American West and in parts of Mexico and Canada.Their numbers are hard to pin down due to the secretive nature of their polygamist lifestyles, but most estimates are between 30,000 and 50,000.The next largest is the AUB, or Apostolic United Brethren, also known as the Allred Group (primarily in Utah). Other, smaller sects have anywhere from a hundred to about 1,500 members.They include the Centennial Park Group (Arizona), the Davis County Cooperative Society (Utah), the Church of the Firstborn (Mexico), the Bountiful Groups (Canada), the Confederate Nations of Israel (Utah), the True and Living Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Last Days (Utah), and the Missouri Community (Mormons settled in Missouri after Joseph Smith revealed the Second Coming would take place there).

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And if anyone from without had aught to say, it must be on the business of the election and with the knowledge of all the cardinals present.

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