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Nearly nine out of 10 strokes fall into this category. The most common type of stroke is known as an ischemic stroke.Some stroke risk factors are beyond your control, such as getting older or having a family history of strokes. African-Americans, Native Americans, and Alaskan Natives are at greater risk compared to people of other ethnicities.Gender plays a role, too, with men being more likely to have a stroke. For an ischemic stroke, emergency treatment focuses on medicine to restore blood flow. There are two main types and they are not treated the same way.

The culprit is a blood clot that obstructs a blood vessel inside the brain.

The FBI said charges could be issued in the case as early as Tuesday.

Stroke is a medical emergency and a leading cause of death in the U. It occurs when a blood vessel in the brain bursts or, more commonly, when a blockage develops. They occur when a weakened blood vessel in the brain bursts.

A TIA is a warning sign that a stroke may happen soon.

It's critical to seek emergency medical help if you think you've had a TIA. A common cause of stroke is atherosclerosis -- hardening of the arteries.

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Without treatment, cells in the brain quickly begin to die. If a loved one is having stroke symptoms, seek emergency medical attention without delay. The result is bleeding inside the brain that can be difficult to stop.