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If you start noticing issues with your new phone you might be tempted to get in touch with Apple or schedule an appointment at your local store.Before you do that you should try fixing the problem yourself.

If your i Phone 8 or i Phone 8 Plus gets stuck updating i Cloud Settings you’ll want to hold down the Power button and Volume Down and wait for the device to reboot itself. If you encounter i Cloud Restore problems, create a local backup on your computer and then restore the backup to your i Phone 8.Wi-Fi problems are extremely common and they can popup at any time. First you’ll want to make sure it’s not an issue with your router or ISP (Internet Service Provider).Restart your router (unplug for a minute and plug back in) and see if that jumpstarts the network and speeds.The next i Phone 8 and i Phone 8 Plus update should come soon so keep your eyes peeled.It appears some i Phone 8 batteries are starting to swell up.

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Apple’s also released a guide that takes you through some of the most common i Cloud backup issues.

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