Consolidating columns excel 2016 dating long distance military

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Consolidating columns excel 2016

Right click that new query and choose Edit to start the merging process. Like working with VLOOKUP, we are trying to take a table that has a column with many values in it, and look up those values in a column that has a unique list of values.

It’s important that your base query starts as the “many” side of the relationship, and that your “lookup” column is the “one” side of the relationship.

If you’ve worked with Excel for any length of time, it’s almost certain that you’ve ended up with one table that has your base information, and a few more tables that contain related records.

Then we simply select the Product ID columns in both tables so that they are highlighted, and click OK.

Power Query lets you perform a series of steps to transform your Excel data.

One of the steps it allows you to take is to merge columns easily.

The final drop-down menu gives you many highlighting options.

Just for the sake of doing something different, we’ll select Yellow Fill with Dark Yellow Text. If you scroll through the list, you’ll see that any cell that matches another cell exactly has been highlighted in yellow.

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