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Basically it catches and stops both the advancing film and the frame counter after each frame is advanced.In order to advance the film again, you’ll need to bump this lever/knob to the left a bit to release the ratcheting film counter and advance the film one frame.The Bakelite body has metal front and rear plates with leatherette covering and plenty of shiny, American chrome.Argus’ factory was in Ann Arbor, so maybe they had a bit of a 1940s-50s chrome inferiority complex with Detroit relatively close.It is numbered 4 through 8, part of Argus’ proprietary Match-Matic exposure value system. It’s a ring on the lens barrel with options from 3.5 to 8 .These numbers also fit the funky Match-Matic system. The Match-Matic doesn’t have one built in, either, but it does have an accessory shoe on top and included a meter that fits into it.When locking lugs are straight up it is set for 6 to 15 feet and when the lugs are at an angle it is set for 15 feet to infinity. Using the Model A takes you to the very basics of photography. Check the lighting conditions, set the F stop and shutter speed then all you need to consider is distance.

The Argus A was designed with the bare essentials in 1936 to be sold to the masses coming out of the great depression. There were five other models based on the A made until 1951.These cameras would be great for teaching a basic film photography class.Price should be in the to range for a working model. After shooting the camera you push a little knob on the top to the left, turn knob on bottom a quarter turn and release the knob and continue to advance film until it stops. My Flickr album for Argus A photos https:// There is are excellent resources on the web for information about the Argus Model A cameras by Hrad Kuzyk.It has an Art Deco style with its black bakelite body and stylized aluminum back. All total about half a million Model A type cameras were produced.One of the unique features is the lens pops out for use.

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The accessory meter utilizes a selenium cell, requiring no batteries.

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