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Hentia dating

Because I was staying within the uni, I didn’t need to submit lots of forms because I was already on the system.However, I didn’t really ask for too much support because I knew what I wanted to do, so I think there is a lot of individual difference in this respect. When you have another grade to achieve (as most Master’s courses require a 2:1 minimum) I think you tend to make sure you hit it!

I had always wanted to go on to do a Ph D, but about halfway through my final year of my undergraduate degree I realised I had no specific idea about what I wanted to do my Ph D on!

There are not that many places that do psycholinguistics Master’s degrees in the UK so there weren’t too many places to look at!

I now study in the psychology department, and a lot of the people on my course did their undergraduate degree in psychology, so I suppose now I am a little bit more psychology-related.

You won’t have time to work a lot of hours so it might be best to take some time out, save a little, and then come back – the majority of people on my course have had time out and I am in the minority going into a Master’s straight from undergrad.

Get all your forms together before you apply – you will need copies of your transcripts from anywhere you have been (translated into English if they are not) and references.

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So I chose to do a Master’s degree in Psychology of Language because I knew that I wanted to do a Ph D in psycholinguistics eventually, and this is excellent training.

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