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Like other minority groups in Myanmar, the Kachin have relatively little in common with the Burman. The Kachin are mostly Christian, while the Burmese are overwhelmingly Buddhist.

The Kachin inhabit hills and the Burman the lowlands. The Kachin were only loosely governed by the British during colonial days, while the Burman areas were integrated into the British empire.

Manam Hpang, author of an English-Kachin-Burmese dictionary, said the Kachin had an acute sense of persecution as Christians in a Buddhist land.

During military rule, the government built Buddhist pagodas across the state and tried to censor a Burmese version of the Bible, including a ban on the Burmese word for “Proverbs,” because it was the same word used in Buddhist texts.

In this model the Mon, an Austro-Asiatic people, were the Greeks to the Romans of the Burmans.

Islamic cultural influence resulted in Muslim communities all over Burma descended from diverse groups of merchants, soldiers, and bureaucrats.Unlikely the Rohingya these are not racially distinct, as they intermarried with the native populations.I have read that Aung San Suu Kyi is in part descended from assimilated Muslims.* Let me end with a quote from In 2009, a Burmese diplomat who was then consul general in Hong Kong sent a letter to local newspapers and other diplomatic missions calling the Rohingya “ugly as ogres.” The diplomat, U Ye Myint Aung, compared the “dark brown” complexion of Rohingyas with the “fair and soft” skin of the majority of people in Myanmar.Bengali Muslim national identity, which balances an Islamic religious orientation with an ethnic-national solidarity with Bengali Hindus is to some extent a function of the language movement of the 1950s, which arose due to West Pakistani domination. This racial distinction is important, because the Burmese have a prejudice against dark skinned South Asians, and the Rohingya are easy to mark out as different because of their phenotype.It seems likely that the Rohingya simply did not partake of this crystallization of a new identity over the past century or so, and remain Burmese Muslims in their own self-conception, rather than part of the Bengali Diaspora (the fact that they do not use an Indic alphabet also suggests their peculiar historical background, as this is more common for Northwest Indian Muslims and Urdu speakers). It is important to note now that Rohingya are not the only Muslims in Burma. The kingdoms of Burma were at times influenced by Islamicate civilization.

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“We have different background, different culture — we’re incompatible,” Mr. “We have no connection with these people,” he said of the Burman. The Rohingya stand at the furthest remove from the Burmans, the core ethnicity which sets the tone for the national identity.

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