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Additionally, CNN reported that a representative of the Agalarov family, a pop star central to the narrative, was there, as well as a translator.

The translator's existence was confirmed by both Akhmetshin and Donald Trump Jr's lawyer, Alan Futerfas. 'He told me specifically he was not working with the Russian government, and in fact laughed when I asked him that question.' The individual Futerfas described is likely Akhmetshin, though CNN reported later on Friday that a representative of the Agalarov family was also in the room, as the reported meeting's size doubled since Friday morning, from four to at least eight participants.

He confirmed to the AP he attended the controversial get-together NBC News reported Friday morning that Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian attorney who met with Donald Trump Jr and campaign aides, was accompanied by a man with ties to Russian intelligence, something the individual has denied PR executive Rob Goldstone emailed Donald Trump Jr to set the controversial meeting up.

Russian-American lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin (background in glasses) was working with Natalia Veselnitskaya on an effort to kill the Global Magnitsky Act around the same time as the Trump Tower meet-up.

Next to be revealed to be there was interpreter Anatoli Samochornov (right)Then Akhmetshin, a former Soviet military intelligence officer, piled on the pressure with a bombshell claim that Veselnitskaya had brought a plastic folder full of printed documents which contained claims of the Democratic National Committee receiving dirty Russian money.

That directly contradicted Don Jr's account that no information had been received from the visiting Russians.

'They couldn’t wait for the meeting to end,' the Russian-American lobbyist said.

Akhmetshin said he didn't know if the Russian government was the source of the documents, nor did he remember if Veselnitskaya handed them over to an individual or simply left them in the room, according to the statements he made to the AP.

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Don Jr was uncharacteristically silent on twitter as disclosure followed disclosure.

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