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Senior speed dating los angeles

Jewish services probably began on the High Holidays in 1851 and were more formally established with the arrival of Joseph Newmark (1799–1881) in 1854. Carvalho, in 1854, directly stimulated the founding of the Hebrew Benevolent Society of Los Angeles. Labatt as president; Charles Schachno, vice president; Jacob Elias, secretary and treasurer; and S. A year later the society procured land from the City Council in Chavez Ravine for the Jewish cemetery, which served until 1900.Rabbinically trained and traditionally oriented, he was the patriarch of the Jewish community until his death. Carvalho influenced his host, Samuel Labatt, to establish a philanthropic society and a Jewish cemetery. In addition to furthering their economic interests and "the holy cause of benevolence," the Jewish merchants during these early years were also active in such civic affairs as the founding of the Masonic order, the first Library Association, the Odd Fellows order, the German Turnverein, and as elected members of the City Council and County Board of Supervisors.In 1910 B'nai B'rith was the moving force for the establishment of the Hebrew Orphans Home, whose name ultimately became Vista Del Mar.In 1912 the Federation of Jewish Charities was established to unite all fundraising for Jewish institutions.Approximately 2,000 Jews went to Los Angeles through this source of assistance, and subsequently brought their families.In 1900 the Los Angeles population was 102,000 and the Jews numbered 2,500.

Jews lost their places in the Blue Book, the local social register, which in 1890 listed 44 Jews, 22 in 1921, and in recent years, no discernible Jews.

In 1873 they took the initiative in organizing the first Chamber of Commerce. Hellman (1843–1920) ventured into the banking business to become ultimately the leading banker in Los Angeles and among the dominant financial powers in the state. In 1861 Beth El, a congregation of Polish Jews, was formed.

Jewish business, concentrating on wholesale and retail merchandising, was among the largest in town. It soon was replaced by the German Congregation B'nai B'rith, which invited the Orthodox Rabbi A. Edelman (1832–1907), a Hebrew school-teacher in San Francisco, to become its first rabbi.

The Jewish population, in the wake of economic expansion, increased rapidly.

Jews came from San Francisco and the East and directly from Germany and promptly set up businesses, or, procuring carts and wagons, began to trade with the prosperous Spanish rancheros. This was the first social welfare organization in Los Angeles.

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Los Angeles was formally dedicated as a pueblo on Sept. Goodman, 24, Germany; Philip Sichel, 28, Germany; Augustine Wasserman, 24, Germany; Felix Bachman, 28, Germany; Joseph Plumer, 24, Germany; and Jacob Frankfort, 40, Germany; all were unmarried and merchants, except for Frankfort who was a tailor.