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I also love that my character is a flawed human being but not a broken person. It’s similar to what came up in the episode about the N word.

“There was a lot of joy in the making of this episode as a lot of personal things were explored and discovered,” says Ross.

30), is also the first told from Bow’s perspective — Ross takes over the voice-over from Anthony Anderson (who plays her husband, Dre).

That also means we get to explore more of her past through flashbacks — as well as an animation sequence, which delves into the historical context of interracial dating.

This site crashed because so many of you made things—thank you! I was on cloud nine on Thanksgiving because all of you were sharing pies and macaroni and cheese and so many other delicious things that you made from this blog. I figured we’d get back into things with a super chill recipe that is literally the easiest thing to make ever.

It made me so grateful for this space—I love what we have here so very much. I made mashed potatoes, veggie stuffing, some gravy and Josh made a turkey porchetta. And it’s on the healthier side because we probably could all use something that makes us feel good. Everything on this sheet pan is so tasty and light.

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This last one in New York City was especially fun — not only was our time together interspersed with a celebration where we got to hug on and catch up with cousins and aunts and uncles and even our very own What I love best about NYC is how easy it is to hoof it or hop a train and be in another part of the city within a few minutes.

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